Baah Lah Dining

There are some AH-mazing flavours to be enjoyed & experienced at one of Geelong's favourite dining destinations Baah Lah Dining!
Baah Lah Dining is a Pako Street institution that is self described as
'Ingredients & flavours connecting our diners to the vibrant food culture of Asia. Dynamic yet intimate. A merge of modern with time-honoured technique'.
Their produce driven menu is all about Singaporean flavours & techniques, channelling head chef Brian Anderson’s heritage.
Indulge in dishes like Cantonese-style Siew Mei pork dumplings, Slow Cooked Osso Bucco, Malaysian Yellow Curry Chicken & Baked Banana & Roti Tart to finish, washed back with a Yuzu Twilight cocktail...or leave it to the chef by opting for the set menu.
The most exciting part? A lot of their produce is homegrown in the restaurant garden & the interiors are created in house or sourced from surrounding local businesses.
WHERE: 1/100 Pakington Street, Geelong West
HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday: 5:30pm till 9:00pm
BOOKINGS & INFO: Visit their Facebook page
Delightful dining at Baah Lah Dining, and at the numerous eateries in Geelong, is best combined with a STAY in the heart of town, in the comfort of the Vue Apartments Geelong!